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Coaches Course

Get access to over 100 videos (1-8 minutes each) to get outside the box, share the work we've been doing and bring others up to speed so that we can change the coaching conversation. It's time to elevate the game. Guaranteed this will light a fire in you and get you thinking creatively.



In the Coaches Course we teach:


- The Ironclad Formula

- A systematic process for evaluating positions, mapping offense, giving athletes a playbook, writing programming, and more.

- Explain the Ironclad 144

‐ The technique map that is the foundation of why we teach one technique over others, understanding progressions and the importance for athlete development.

- Skill Multiplication: product of the Ironclad 144 where we fast track "feel" and athlete development by repeating the same movement pattern as many times as possible across as many positions as possible. This concept is how our athletes have more success at every level (National Championships, World Teams, World Medals, All Americans, State Champions, Division I, II, III, Juco, NAIA athletes, etc) in less time than their opponents.

- Overview of our Footwork Encyclopedia

- An understanding of our footwork progressions that brings understanding of why developmental athletes are failing with traditional shots and leg attacks.

- The 80/20 Rule: insight into the laws of efficiency for maximum effectiveness as it relates to wrestling. This is SO critical for choosing where to spend your time and why.

- Map of Neutral Meathook Position - this is the most universal and dynamic tie from your feet. All other neutral attacks could follow this model.

- Map of Unherhook Position:  the Underhook is used a secondary example of mapping a Position including the most effective order for programming and equipping athletes for success. This includes habits and finishing mechanics that I guarantee are new to you. I hope you appreciate them as much as our athletes do when they learn it.

- Science of Behavioral Modification and Habit Formation AKA the way we should be teaching and learning technique

- The 8 Degrees of Understanding :why Coaches are fatigued from saying the same thing all the time and athletes still don't know it.

- The keys to developing culture inside your wrestling program

- SOOO much more.... including bonus footage from a night of practice showing the structure and order of teaching, many of the drills we use successfully as well as an example of how to effectively communicate and captivate your athletes.